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Boiler Replacement

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When the boiler starts showing any fault, the purpose of the equipment is not solved. In this case, the boiler can be repaired with the help of the expert professionals. But, when the repairing of the apparatus is not possible, the replacement of the same is required. There may be many reasons behind the case and the most salient reason is that repairing the boiler is very much difficult and it may cost as much as a new boiler will cost. The boiler replacement facility is offered by EPK services. In many cases, the old boiler consumes more electric current than a new one. So, it is economical to replace an old boiler by a new one.

In and around Dublin, we are the best in the boiler replacement services. The RGI registered plumbers offer the best possible services to our esteemed clients and aims at the highest amount of client satisfaction. Replacing an old boiler with a new one is economical as it can save up to 30% of the electric bills due to the use of the boiler. We serve both in the domestic as well as the commercial field and are in this area for several years. Try our service and feel something different.

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    Boiler repair, boiler servicing, gas installation and other such services associated with heating equipments comes under the inspection of EPK services, when we are hired. Boilers or heating machineries require regular maintenance and checkups for ensuring the safety issues associated with these. EPK team understands the safety measures that must be taken while repairing or installing the equipments and thus safe guards the same from future problems. As soon as we get any request from any of our customers or clients regarding the servicing or repairing of the equipments, our dedicated reaches the place, inspect the fault and take necessary actions against that. For better safety of your surrounding from accidents caused by the faulty equipments as well as to ensure the longevity of the systems, call us at your convenient time and relax well.