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Boiler Services

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A boiler is a fuel-burning apparatus or can be said as the container for heating water. When you have that piece of mind that the boiler is working properly and also safe, then you can relax. The boilers when fails to work to the mark, uses more heating time and thus more electricity is consumed, which in turn increases your electricity consumption. So, a regular maintenance and a yearly check is what you need for the boilers to work properly. EPK Services is always there for you to repair or servicing the apparatus. Highly qualified and experienced staffs are hired for ensuring the best and safe service.

What services are included in boiler services?

  • Inspect the flue integrity, the functionality and the installation standard.
  • As per the manufacturer’s instructions, the ventilation is checked.
  • Electrical safety checks are carried out.
  • Inspection of heat exchanger and fan units.
  • Temperature controller and other parts of the apparatus are checked well.
  • RGII appliance conformance certificate is completed and customer or client is provided with a copy.

In Dublin or Ireland, the best boiler service is provided by us. The professionals are registered with the safety standards and experience all types of boilers. The service includes the updated warranty of the boiler and thus ensures efficiency as well as longevity.

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    Boiler repair, boiler servicing, gas installation and other such services associated with heating equipments comes under the inspection of EPK services, when we are hired. Boilers or heating machineries require regular maintenance and checkups for ensuring the safety issues associated with these. EPK team understands the safety measures that must be taken while repairing or installing the equipments and thus safe guards the same from future problems. As soon as we get any request from any of our customers or clients regarding the servicing or repairing of the equipments, our dedicated reaches the place, inspect the fault and take necessary actions against that. For better safety of your surrounding from accidents caused by the faulty equipments as well as to ensure the longevity of the systems, call us at your convenient time and relax well.